2025 electric Porsche Boxster will be a high-performance roadster

Max McDee, 25 September 2022

Porsche Boxster has just over two years left before it will bow out of duty, which it performed rather well for the last 26 years. It was tasked with a simple target - lower the entry point for prospective buyers. The cheapest Boxster came with a 2.5 L flat six which was upgraded since. Now in its last generation called 718, the final edition before it makes way for its electric successor, will be the Boxster Spyder RS.

This is what all-electric Boxster will look like according to motor.es This is what all-electric Boxster will look like according to motor.es

Boxster became a very important model for Porsche over the years, replacing it with an electric model is not going to be just a case of swapping the engine for an electric motor. Taycan made the company realize that electric performance Porsches are the future. New electric Macan is going to be positioned as the higher-performance version than its gas-powered siblings and will ride on a completely different platform from them.

With the Boxster, Porsche has a unique task on its hands. The company decided that simply making an electric roadster is not going to be enough. Replicating the mid-engine road manners of a gas-powered car means putting its center-point of mass right behind the seats, right where the gas engine sits right now. To achieve this, all-electric Boxster and Cayman will be built on a modified PPE platform developed by Porsche together with Audi - coincidentally this platform will be used by the electric Audi R8.

Mission R previews the upcoming Cayman and Boxster Mission R previews the upcoming Cayman and Boxster

Electric Porsche Boxster will have a battery pack designed to be stacked behind the driver and the passenger, rather than under the floor - very similar to the Alpine A110 E-ternite. There will be either one or two electric motor versions, with the single-motor pushing as much as 500 hp. That leaves a lot of room for twin-motor AWD versions with 700 hp to 800 hp - the most powerful Boxster ever made will be electric.

Porsche has already shown us the preview of the Boxster, or rather the design language the company will use on the next generation of the roadster. The Mission R concept was unveiled last year as an all-electric race car with 1,000 hp and track focused, aggressive aero package. But peeling all the wings and spoilers away, reveals a concept car that is clearly the future of electric roadster from Porsche.

1,000 hp and 1,500 kg all-electric race car - what a beauty 1,000 hp and 1,500 kg all-electric race car - what a beauty

The Boxster is not alone, the 718 family is made up of twins - Boxster and Cayman. Both cars are finishing their gas-powered adventure in 2025 and both will be replaced with new, all-electric models. Electric Cayman actually will be much closer in its design to the Mission R which, funny enough, was based on the Cayman GT4 Clubsport.

Making an electric roadster and coupe that behave like a mid engined sports car will take some time, hence the company already has a working prototype at its headquarters. Mid-engined Boxster and Cayman have unique handling properties and their weight plays a significant role in that. Mission R with its two electric motors and battery pack weighed only 1,500 kg which is very low for an electric car. Production vehicles will be heavier but Porsche is working hard to keep that difference to a minimum.

2025 electric Porsche Boxster will be a high-performance roadster

There is absolutely no doubt that Porsche is betting a lot on the electric Boxster and Cayman. The demand is indisputable, Porsche Taycan is the company’s bestseller, the electric Macan is predicted to outsell it by huge margins, once it goes on sale next year. The 911 will be the only Porsche to keep a gas-powered engine at its heart for the better part of a decade. Electric Boxster and Cayman will lead the way and prepare the ground for their big brother for its transition to the electric future.



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  • TurboBoxster

They made few changes between 924 944 & 968 and called them different cars. These will not be boxsters. To different and no boxster engine. All in all as a boxster owner....not interested. Keep the Dyson powered porsche.

  • Anonymous

Too few are going to buy it: too expensive for many and not practical for many.


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