All-electric premium crossover Lancia Aurelia is coming in 2026

Max McDee, 25 September 2022

Lancia’s revival is based on an all-electric approach, the company has set one of the most ambitious goals within the automotive industry - to manufacture only electric models by 2028. It’s not that difficult actually, considering Lancia hasn’t got that many models out anyway.

Lancia Aurelia is the name of an icon, the original Aurelia introduced first mass-produced V6 engine in 1950. The car was manufactured only for 8 years but in that short span of time there were some beautiful cars released, namely the 2-door GT and the convertible versions that inspired many car designers over the years.

Will this be the new Lancia Aurelia? Will this be the new Lancia Aurelia?

The new, all-electric Aurelia is scheduled to appear in 2026 according to Lancia’s plans. The first all-electric model will be the brand new Ypsilon, which we are going to see in 2024. The Aurelia will be a medium sized crossover, much in the style of Polestar 2, with already confirmed 4.6 meters of length.

Lancia is part of Stellantis and it will be based on shared underpinnings that we will see in many upcoming electric cars from the group. But the Aurelia will have a bespoke body and Lancia has confirmed it is benchmarking Mercedes-Benz vehicles to offer highest quality to its future customers.

The car will come with a full suite of advanced features. The benefit of being late to the party and having access to Stellantis parts warehouse, means the car will have the latest ADAS and infotainment systems. Lancia already announced its upcoming SALA user interface, the driver will be able to adjust sound, air and interior ambient lights in a unison to create a more engaging environment.

Lancia unveiled its electric plans only recently Lancia unveiled its electric plans only recently

While Lancia’s siblings from other brands are based on the EMP2 platform, Aurelia will most likely be based on the newer STLA Medium architecture - another benefit of being late to the party. With Lancia aiming at premium markets, the sporty driving will be left to Alfa Romeo which is part of Stellantis portfolio as well.

For Lancia Aurelia being a luxury or premium electric car doesn’t mean being slow. Let’s not forget Lancia Delta Integrale - a one car that changed the world of rallying forever. Although the new Aurelia won’t be designed to be a high-performance car, being built on the STLA Medium platform will give it access to a 443 hp twin-motor AWD system with up to 700 km of range. That’s good enough for a comfy and breezy driving experience.

Who wouldn't want an electric Delta Integrale? Who wouldn't want an electric Delta Integrale?

Aurelia will launch in 2026, two years after Ypsilon becomes the first all-electric Lancia. It will be followed by the revival of the Delta in 2028. We won’t know for sure what the real Aurelia will look like until at least late 2024, the speculative renderings from Carscoops give us a good idea though since they follow closely all the information available this far.


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