Electric Mini Aceman spied for the first time

Max McDee, 03 October 2022

It is hard to forget the Mini Aceman, its funky exterior and equally interesting interior. The car was only revealed in July as a prototype and already first test vehicles are starting their arduous life.

Courtesy to some eagle-eyed car spotters in China, we have a first look at a production Mini Aceman, in two different versions at that. At first glance it looks just like the Countryman, but it in fact is the new Aceman. Short overhangs and lower profile with the large headlights and tail lights suggest this is the upcoming Aceman in disguise.

Electric Mini Aceman spied for the first time

The two cars photographed have different wheel designs, unfortunately one of them is stuck on the trailer and the photographer didn’t have a chance to get more detailed snaps. What we do see, is a 5-door small crossover that is neither an SUV nor a wagon.

Surprisingly there is very little detail on the outside, the cars are almost indistinguishable from each other and apart from what looks like a hood-scoop on the front and a glass roof, there are no features that stand out. The note on the car says “no photography” and that’s where the clues end.

Mini Aceman introduced the new, minimalistic design language to the brand and surprisingly made the car spotting job much more difficult. The Aceman prototype is 30 cm shorter than the current Countryman and only 1 cm narrower with the difference due to the shape of mirrors.

What is missing in the cars photographed here, are the oversized wheel arches, bigger wheels although the front and rear bumpers seem to have kept the funky vertical bulges, on the Aceman prototype they came in bright red. It will be interesting to find out how far Mini toned down the design. The Concept Aceman stirred some opinions, is Mini playing a safe game?

There are some changes coming to the Mini lineup - Aceman will be only available as an EV, new bigger Countryman will be offered with both gas and electric power and it seems there is no room left for the Clubman.



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