Performance version of updated Porsche Taycan takes on Nurburgring

Max McDee, 24 October 2022

Courtesy of Autoexpress we have a set of amazing photos that will get your heart pumping with excitement. What we are looking at is a high-performance version of Porsche Taycan testing at the notorious Nurburgring.

Porsche snatched the Nurburgring record from the Tesla Model S in a much slower car on paper. Taycan is heavier than Tesla and it has less power yet managed to snatch the crown thanks to its handling - simply by being able to carry much more speed through the corners.

Performance version of updated Porsche Taycan takes on Nurburgring

Why have a faster Taycan then? Taycan was, and still is, an experiment for Porsche. Even if that turned into a runaway success the company is still using it to test some crazy concepts. Taycan is a precursor of the upcoming electric Boxster and even 911. The company will simply push the development of Taycan as far as it can and then use the lessons and technology for even faster electric Porsches.

Looking at the photos, this is not just a face-lifted and spoiler-added version of Taycan. This is a full race-spec development chassis with a full FIA cage built-in, driver gets what looks like the Recaro P1300 bucket seat with the passenger getting the Porsche GT3RS seat - interesting combo. Is it possible that we are looking at a GT RS version of Taycan? Unlikely, but wouldn't that be awesome?

This development unit clearly sits much lower to the ground than even Tycan Turbo S and despite cornering at speed there is hardly any lean visible. You can bet your lunch money the car rides on uprated and fully adjustable suspension.

The item taped up to the roof of the Taycan is a high-precision GPS unit, which together with other sensors around the car monitor performance and help find an optimal chassis setup. The car clearly is riding on a set of race tires as the photos taken away from the track show the same car but on standard Tycan Turbo S wheels and road legal tyres.

Performance version of updated Porsche Taycan takes on Nurburgring

Are we looking at a 1,000hp electric Porsche? Quite likley. Porsche is preparing development of the Boxster replacement and the future 911 will eventually be electric as well. The upcoming electric Audi R8 will use a triple-motor setup and Taycan is a perfect development platform for it. As a side-effect of this process we will end up having a tri-motor Taycan with performance that will change perception of what a car can be capable of.

It’s not an issue anymore to squeeze 3 or 4 electric motors into a car - Hummer EV is a great example here. We have Model S Plaid, we have Lucid Air Sapphire. We have exotic cars such as Rimac Nevera and Pininfarina Battista and many others. But this is a Porsche and it will handle like a Porsche. It will corner like one and it will fly down the straight like one. And it will accelerate faster than any Porsche before it. And I for one, can’t wait.



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