Polestar 2 Facelift spotted in the wild

Max McDee, 01 September 2022

Polestar 2 has been available since late 2021 and normally facelift wouldn’t be expected for a few more years. We need to remember though, that Polestar 2 is the Volvo 40.2 concept car that was shown all the way back in 2016.

Volvo decided to go ahead with the Concept 40.1 which became Volvo XC40 and the abandoned Concept 40.2 became Polestar 2. Looking at it this way, we realize the Swedish electric car is technically 6 years old and almost overdue for a facelift.

Polestar 2 Fecelift spotted in the wild

It makes sense then, that a lightly camouflaged Polestar 2 was spotted on the road in Sweden. The changes are very hard to spot and are most likely limited to the camouflaged front of the car. There are new fog lights in the bumper and there is an additional sensor on the roof - it is too small to be a LiDAR, it could be just a high precision GPS receiver.

The upper part of the grille is all taped up - that’s where most of the changes are hiding. The wheels have covers on them which is either to hide the new design or to improve aerodynamics for the test this car is running.

Polestar 2 Fecelift spotted in the wild

Is it possible that the car we see here is actually a test mule for the Polestar 2 BTS 270? The 350 kW and 680 Nm performance model will be sold in very limited numbers and is supposed to be hitting the road any time soon. It would make sense for the company to try and pass it for a regular Polestar 2 during its public road testing.

It looks very much like a driving dynamics test vehicle - the sensors on the wheels and the sensor on the roof can be measuring the car’s behavior on the road, the rear seats and the passenger seat as well are all weighted down to replicate a fully loaded vehicle.

Polestar 2 Fecelift spotted in the wild

Polestar 2 had already received a major software update not that long ago but the development work never really stops. This car can sport new body parts and at the same time can be testing improved traction control and torque vectoring. Or the manufacturer is trying to eke out every last ounce of efficiency to improve the range even further.

Vehicle development is an ongoing process, even when the car goes on sale, the improvement work goes on in the background. That’s how Polestar 2 can be had now with an upgraded heat pump that actually works in the cold climate. Progress means constant, sometimes small improvements.



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