BMW expands its electric car lineup in the US

Max McDee, 23 May 2023

BMW will expand its electric and electrified vehicle lineup in the US, starting this summer. The company confirmed it will add a new i4 version, and the 7-series will get a new electrified version while the i7 will get another powertrain. To top it off, the new BMW OS 8.5 will roll out to some models starting in July.

Starting with the i4, the new xDrive40 trim is making its debut in the US. Unlike the eDrive40, this trim has two electric motors providing an all-wheel-drive setup. The power is increased to 396 hp, and the torque sits at 443 lb-ft (602 Nm), in comparison to the eDrive40’s 340 hp and 430 Nm. Those numbers translate to a 0 to 60 mph in 4.9 seconds with an estimated range of 307 miles (494 km).

BMW expands its electric car lineup in the US

The range will drop down to 282 miles when the optional 19-inch wheels are fitted, the standard wheels are 18-inch in diameter and are aerodynamically optimized. The car will start at $61,600, and the destination charge is $995, bringing the total to $62,595 (€57,990).

After introducing the i7 M70 xDrive, BMW will add a slightly less powerful version to the US lineup. The i7 eDrive50 will make a debut in the third quarter of this year. This is a completely new trim, with a single GEN5 electric motor powering rear wheels at 449 hp. The company hasn’t shared any more specifications of this model apart from its $106,695 (€98,780) starting price (inclusive of all taxes).

BMW expands its electric car lineup in the US

At the same time, BMW is adding another electrified version to the 7-series model range. The 750e xDrive is getting a new 194-hp GEN5 electric motor mounted to the transmission. The electric-only driving range is estimated at 35 miles (56 km), and once this model goes on sale this fall, it will start at $107,995 (€99,990) with destination charges included.

The summer will see the initial rollout of BMW OS 8.5, the company promises a new and improved experience thanks to the new home screen with all functions arranged clearly. The new zero-layer approach means desired functions can be accessed without having to enter submenus. The new layout offers widgets aligned vertically on the driver's side, making the access very easy.

BMW expands its electric car lineup in the US

It will be easier to leave any menu now, thanks to a dedicated home button, plus access to climate control and navigation requires only one tap. The same goes for media, comms, and Apple CarPlay or Android Auto - all can be accessed with just a single tap without having to scroll through endless options.

Starting this July, BMW iX will be the first to get the updated OS, the BMW i4 is next, and the 7-series vehicles will follow shortly. In August, the new system will find its way to BMW X5, X6, X7, and XM vehicles, except for M models, which won’t have the QUickSelect option.



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