Updated BYD Dolphin teases lower price, adds more range

Max McDee, 19 February 2024

We only just talked about BYD revealing new versions of its popular electric sedans in China, with prices already undercutting ICE-powered competitors. But that was just a start, BYD is going into the Year of the Dragon with serious fireworks. An upgraded BYD Dolphin hatchback, one of the company's most popular EVs, is getting a bigger battery and a lower price tag.

Budget-friendly BYD Dolphin teases lower price, adds more range

Unveiling February 23rd, this "Honor Edition" promises more miles on a charge. The outgoing Dolphin boasted a decent 260 miles range (CLTC rating system) from its 45 kWh battery pack – fine for urban driving. The 2024 model will come a new 60 kWh battery option, promising up to 323 miles on a single charge. Let's just say BYD is listening to customer demand and the desire for a bit more freedom between plug-ins.

Power-wise, it's staying as is - with a single electric motor pushing 70 kW of power and 180 Nm of torque. Think of this as more of a practical "around-town car" versus a hot hatch speed demon. What you will find inside is where BYD is sweetening the pot. Upgraded, ventilated front seats offer more comfort during hot spells, plus extra goodies like a type-C charging port, a 50 W wireless phone charging pad, and tinted rear windows come now as standard.

Budget-friendly BYD Dolphin teases lower price, adds more range

According to local sources, the Honor Edition should start cheaper than the 2023 Dolphin, which is around $14,500. With competitors also slashing EV prices, it's truly a buyer's market forming in 2024.

The revised Dolphin clearly demonstrates BYD's ambitions. It chimes in with what the CEO of the company recently said about BYD not competing with Tesla, but together with Tesla wanting to compete against the ICE market.

Budget-friendly BYD Dolphin teases lower price, adds more range

BYD seems to have a clear message for car buyers - you can always wait for flashier and more expensive contenders from legacy automakers, but why bother when practicality and affordability can be in your driveway without breaking the bank? Judging by the events of the first day of the Chinese New Year, this is only a taste of what's to come: expect BYD to make more waves in the very near future.

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That's obviously not black and white situation in China regarding R&D, car prices and affordability. But considering how "well" a lot of traditional manufacturers are doing EVs and business in general, you might see decent discou...

Amazing same price and battery capacity is impressive, more than a Tesla Model 3 RWD! Crazy deflation in China. If only we get those prices in our own countries...

  • Anonymous

Obviously not coming to the US, but it likely wouldn't sell well given it's small size. Seems alright for European cities though.



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