Nio’s upcoming Onvo L60 spotted without camouflage

Max McDee, 12 April 2024

Long known for its innovative premium electric models, Nio is ready to enter lower market segments with its new Onvo sub-brand. Its pioneer, the L60, has broken cover for the first time in a real-world image, revealing its design.

It's clear that Nio went for a sculpted, aerodynamic look so as to maximize efficiency and driving range. While not visible in the photo, past reports suggest we'll see the company's signature split headlights.

A rumored price range of $27,600 to ${{41,500}} means the L60 will slide below Model Y.

Nio’s sleek and affordable Onvo L60 spotted without camouflage

It remains to be seen if the L60 matches other Nio vehicles in their support for battery-swapping. Size-wise, reports indicate the Onvo L60 might offer slightly less interior space than its Tesla competitor.

Expect more information and official specs as Onvo's formal launch draws closer.


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Reader comments

  • Anonymous

Another junk. Most useless type of vehicle, coupe crossover, not as slick as coupe sedan nor as usefull as proper crossover.

  • Lemon

Just better looking than an x6

  • Max

X6 clone



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