Rivian to open up its charger network to other EVs

Ro, 21 April 2023

After Tesla opened a good chunk of its charging network to competing brands, Rivian is doing the same. Admittedly, Rivian's network is nowhere near the size of Tesla's, but it's still more than welcome amidst USA's big EV charging station shortage.

Rivian to open up its charger network to other EVs

According to the company's CFO, Rivian will start opening its charging spots sometime next year and has pledged to build 600 new charging stations by 2025. These stations will offer a total of 3,500 DC fast chargers capable of up to 200kW output, although they could be upgraded to 300kW in the future. That's an ambitious goal, given that the current number of Rivian charging stations is just 30.

In addition to the fast chargers, Rivian plans to build a network with level 2 chargers, which are considerably slower but still useful in areas where drivers spend more time, like hotels and parking lots.



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