The EU Parliament and Council agree to mandate charging stations every 60km by 2026

Ro, 28 March 2023

The European Parliament has reached a provisional agreement with the EU Council regarding charging and hydrogen refueling stations across Europe. The rule states that by 2026, there will be charging stations at every 60 kilometers along the TEN-T network. For those who don't know, the TEN-T is the EU's ambitious transport network project that includes highways, roads, ports and trains, connecting all parts of the Old Continent.

The EU Parliament and Council agree on charging stations at every 60 km by 2026

The Council and the Parliament decided that each charging station should offer at least 400kW charging power and by 2028, this should be increased to 600kW. On the other hand, trucks and buses would have charging stations every 120km and would be on half of the main EU roads by 2028. The charging power ranges from 1,400kW to 2,800kW. Of course, islands and rural areas with few roads and little traffic are exempted.

For the hydrogen stations, the Council and the Parliament agreed on having one at every 200km by 2031 and only along the core TEN-T network.

Notably, this is still a preliminary decision and needs to be approved by the committee of all 27 EU member states before the plan is set in motion. The Transport and Tourism Committee will also have a say in this.



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Every 30 would be better to be honest.



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