The Squad is pocket sized Solar EV with 100km range

Max McDee, 16 May 2022

Full name: SQUAD Solar City Car. Mission: conquer the city streets. Squad Mobility is the manufacturer of this SEV - solar electric vehicle. People behind the company have a lot of experience in this segment with both the founders coming from Lightyear, another solar EV. The huge difference between the two is the size and the price.

Squad is a two passenger EV with a little bit of space for luggage - 68 liters of space to be exact. Not a lot but enough for basic shopping and since Squad is not meant for camping trips it should be enough.

No license required to drive the SQUAD No license required to drive the SQUAD

First time we heard of Squad was back in 2019 when the car was announced, since then it has changed a bit especially in the engineering department. It is built with a full roll cage to keep the passengers safe in an unlikely event of a crash, the car isn’t fast by any standard with top speed being 45kmh, again it is plenty for city streets.

Because of its size and hardly any weight, it is classed as L6e in the EU - basically a glorified moped - meaning no driver's license is needed to drive it and kids as young as 14 (in some parts of Europe) allowed to take it out on the road. No license needed, cheap insurance and a solar panel that can add 20 km of range on a sunny day - it sounds like a perfect vehicle for school runs, quick shopping, security services, neighborhood monitoring and food deliveries.

Solar roof adds 20km of range in a day Solar roof adds 20km of range in a day

The SQUAD starts at €6,250 (before VAT and any incentives) and it can be ordered right now in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany but there is no word on delivery dates yet.

Standard version comes with 4kW power (2 motors at the back with 2kW each) and a battery good for 100km (62 miles), top speed is a dizzying 45km/h and it has regenerative braking to supplement the rooftop solar panel. In case a quick recharge is needed the Squad has replaceable batteries that can be swapped on the go. A bigger 4 passenger version is in the works already but it will be a L7 class needing a full driver's license.

SQUAD is basically a roll cage on wheels SQUAD is basically a roll cage on wheels



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No car licence is needed in EU for L6e class of vehicles - they are classed as "quadricycles", in most countries moped licence is enough, UK requires provisional car licence (no test), Spain and France no licence required and Finland has a ...

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