Toyota Urban SUV Concept previews compact EV crossover for Europe

Max McDee, 04 December 2023

Toyota is gearing up to join the electrification race in Europe with five new EVs by 2026. One of the most exciting additions is the Toyota Urban SUV Concept, a compact EV crossover that promises to be both trendy and budget-friendly.

While the name "Urban SUV Concept" may lack the panache of some of its rivals, Toyota is known for its reliability and practicality. In the first half of 2024, this little electric contender will shed its concept status and embrace a new identity, likely with a "bZ" prefix added to its name.

Toyota Urban SUV Concept previews compact EV crossover for Europe

Measuring 169.3 inches in length, 71.7 inches in width, and 63.8 inches in height, the Urban SUV Concept is shorter and narrower than the bZ4X. It will offer both front-wheel drive and four-wheel drive configurations.

Toyota plans to offer a choice of battery options. Much like its competitor, the Volvo EX30, the Urban SUV Concept aims to provide an accessible entry-level variant as well as a pricier, long-range version. Exact range figures remain a mystery at this point, though.

Unlike some automakers that adapt existing combustion engine platforms for EVs, Toyota is taking a different approach. The Urban SUV Concept will be built on a dedicated EV platform, which should help optimize performance. Although currently labeled as a concept, we can expect the production model to retain much of its eye-catching appearance, regular side mirrors will be standard on the entry model, but the pricier option may come with the fancy cameras instead.

The Urban SUV Concept is just one piece of Toyota's broader electrification puzzle for Europe. In total, the automaker plans to have around 15 zero-emission models available in Europe by 2026, spanning both passenger and commercial vehicle lineups. The Sport Crossover Concept, introduced at Auto Shanghai, will also make its way to European roads.

By 2026, Toyota anticipates that over 20% of its European annual deliveries will consist of EVs, equating to more than 250,000 EVs sold each year. Toyota is not putting all its eggs in one basket, though. While battery-powered EVs are the most significant part of its emissions-reduction strategy, the company is also developing a third-generation fuel cell hydrogen technology slated for 2026. Furthermore, the popular Hilux pickup truck will receive a 48V mild-hybrid setup in 2024, further expanding Toyota's commitment to electrification.

It seems Toyota has finally woken up and decided to join the EV race. While sluggish to start off, the automotive giant is picking up its pace and shouldn’t be dismissed just yet as a viable contender in the EV world. We are bound to see some interesting options from the company in the not-so-distant future - it’s about time, Toyota.


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