Volkswagen ID.4 sets world record crossing Canada on 18 charges

Max McDee, 03 August 2023

"Let's take a ride!" - as Rainer Zietlow, a notorious adventure driver, would say before catapulting into yet another exciting voyage. His latest endeavor? Setting a new world record for electric vehicles - driving a Volkswagen ID.4 across Canada on just 18 charges. Not too bad considering this is the second largest country in the world.

Born and raised in Germany, Rainer is no stranger to automotive adventures. His affiliation with Volkswagen dates back to 2005, and since then, he's toured 110 countries, bagged no fewer than five Guinness World Records, and etched tire tracks across continents. However, his recent adventure of crossing the 4,432 miles of Canada - from St. John's, Newfoundland, on the east coast to Victoria, British Columbia, on the west - may just top the charts of his thrilling escapades.

Volkswagen ID.4 sets world record trekking across Canada in 18 charges

Departing on July 25, Rainer coasted through the enormous country in a span of seven days. The range of the ID.4 was at full display as he averaged an impressive 246 miles between charges, culminating the journey at the famous 0 KM marker of the Trans-Canada Highway in Victoria. The star of the hour, the ID.4, flexed its endurance and dependability, proving that it could hold its ground (or road, in this case), even in the vast stretches of Canada.

A feat like this, showcasing the range capabilities of an electric vehicle, serves as a reassurance for potential EV buyers in the country, demonstrating that EVs can indeed go the distance.

Volkswagen ID.4 sets world record trekking across Canada in 18 charges

And what's next for the audacious driver? The answer is pretty straightforward for a man of Rainer's ilk: more driving! Not weary of his ID. 4's interiors yet, he plans to drive from Victoria back to St. John's and intends to visit all 145 Volkswagen dealerships sprinkled across Canada along the way. Back in 2021, he already secured a world record by driving 35,770 miles across all 48 American states in an EV, visiting more than 628 VW dealers during the 97-day trip.

While Reiner's earlier escapades with Volkswagen involved conventional combustion-engine cars, he has since embraced the EV revolution. In the end, it's not just about setting records. It's about pushing boundaries and taking giant leaps in the ever-evolving world of electric mobility. On the other hand - it's quite easy to set a world record where the world record does not exist. This 7-day 18-charge escapade can be easily bested with any EV that has a better range than the ID.4 - but that would be missing the point. And the point is? It can be done.


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