Xiaomi's first EV enters production, to ship 300 cars in December

Ro, 05 December 2023

According to a source familiar with Xiaomi's internal operations, the company has already started the production line verification process for the new Xiaomi SU7 EV. The production kicked off last week and its target is to assemble 300 vehicles this month.

Xiaomi's first EV enters production, to ship 300 cars in December

These vehicles are not meant for the end consumer, they are needed in showrooms and some Xiaomi stores around China. Also, the production process right now aims to iron out issues. Xiaomi already faced some production line problems and needed to seed new software update to gix an issue with the vehicle's systems.

Xiaomi's goal right now is to produce troubleless vehicles and focus on quality rather than quantity. After all, this is Xiaomi's first ever EV so it needs to get it right before releasing two more vehicles in the next three years. There's another EV in the pipeline followed by a hybrid, which has entered the design phase.



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  • the cnageling

i was one of the europeans that first tried xiaomi and huawei (aliepress for xiaomi) This was the best androphone i had. Better than other androphones Later i wrote to some arrogant commentators that xiaomi was a firm that's going to built a...

  • Anonymous

A car with pop-up Ads on your dashboard.

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