Audi details its all-new PPE EV architecture

Max McDee, 19 March 2024

The automotive world is in the midst of an electric revolution, and Audi finally has a powerful new weapon: the Premium Platform Electric, or PPE. Developed alongside Porsche, this is a ground-up reimagining of the electric vehicle, designed to maximize performance and practicality.

The heart of the PPE platform is an advanced 800-volt architecture, known for its efficiency that in turn enables faster charging. Additionally Audi says the platform enables larger batteries that deliver longer ranges on a single charge, potentially exceeding 300 miles and easing the "range anxiety."

Evolution of Audi's EV platfroms Evolution of Audi's EV platfroms

The all-new Audi Q6 e-tron is first to use the PPE platform. Free from the need to also fit a traditional ICE, Audi engineers have more freedom to create spacious, comfortable interiors and expand maximize storage space. But Audi says PPE is equally well suited for a sleek, low-slung sedan.

Performance is where the PPE truly shines. Powerful electric motors, combined with refined suspension tuning and optional all-wheel drive, will ensure that future Audi EVs deliver an exciting driving experience.

But the PPE also features Audi's new E3 1.2 electronic architecture with a set of high-performance computers that promise immersive infotainment and advanced driver assistance features.

Audi PPE Audi PPE

With the PPE as its foundation, Audi aims to set a new standard in the premium EV segment. Rivals like Tesla and BMW should take notice – the electric revolution has a new contender, and it's not messing around.


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