Avatr 12 teased before its debut at IAA Munich on September 4

Max McDee, 03 September 2023

Chinese automaker Avatr is preparing to showcase its new electric luxury sedan, the Avatr 12, at the Munich Motor Show on September 4. Interestingly enough, the online debut in China is slated for September 5 which is a first for a Chinese company - unveiling a new EV in Europe ahead of the homeland premiere.

Avatr 12 teased before its debut at IAA Frankfurt on September 4

The Avatr 12 isn't just another sedan; the company wants us to see it as a fusion of cutting-edge tech and elegance. It is constructed on Changan’s CHN smart electric vehicle platform, which might not sound like a blockbuster, but it has plenty of clever tricks up its sleeves - courtesy of Huawei. Measuring at 197.6 inches in length, 78.7 inches in width, and 57.5 inches in height, this is a large vehicle - longer, wider, and taller than Tesla Model S. The wheelbase? A generous 118.9 inches. And just like the Polestar 4, it is missing the rear window - it seems Polestar has started a new trend.

Appearances matter, and Avatr knows it. The front of the car sports daytime running lights with a slender "C" shape, adding a touch of elegance and, dare we say, celebrity to its look. Just to let everyone know it's not all for show, the front also comes fitted with three radars on each side of the lower grille and front fenders. They support Huawei’s Advanced Driving System 2.0, but the Avatr 12 doesn't just rely on radars - it adds semi-solid-state lidars and cameras to the mix.

Hidden door handles add an extra layer of sophistication to its slender body, not to mention star-shaped rims. And there’s a large panoramic glass roof, perfect for stargazing during those late-night charging sessions.

As far as the power goes, Avatr 12 is offering single and dual-motor versions. These two models promise a cruising range of 404 miles and 435 miles respectively. Both drivetrains are supplied by Huawei's DriveONE and are coupled with a ternary lithium battery pack supplied by CATL. Charging times should be brisk as well, thanks to the 800V platform.

Inside, you'll find a large floating center control screen. The infotainment system is operated by Huawei's HarmonyOS 4.0. The steering wheel? It’s double flat-bottomed and adorned with scrollable buttons, giving you more control than ever. An elongated LED instrument panel rounds out the high-tech aura, while physical buttons under the central screen and wireless charging panels on the center console keep things practical.

So, what makes the Avatr 12 a name to remember? It’s already the second EV (after Avatr 11) from a relatively new brand supported by Huawei with its latest tech. The fact that it’s being unveiled in Europe ahead of its Chinese market debut speaks volumes. If Avatr is really planning to bring its vehicles to Europe, and maybe even the US eventually, it’ll be a bold move that many legacy automakers won’t be too happy about. How will Avatr go about restrictions on Huawei’s tech remains to be seen.

Avatr 12 teased before its debut at IAA Frankfurt on September 4


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