BMW believes its new CE 02 eParkourer can redefine urban mobility

Max McDee, 08 July 2023

Exactly two years ago, down to a day, BMW Motorrad introduced us to the CE 04, an electrifying, and frankly revolutionary proposition for city travel. Today, the company takes another confident stride toward the future with its newly unveiled eParkourer, the BMW CE 02.

The CE 02 isn't a scooter, and it's not quite a motorcycle. It's an urban creature, bred in the intersection of innovative technology and practical design. This electric vehicle is intent on reshaping how we perceive and experience mobility in our cities. Its aesthetics are eye-catching, taking a page from the book written by CE 04. Sporting a modern and sleek black frame against a contrasting granite grey metallic matte engine cover makes the CE 02 look mean and purposeful. The Highline version steps it up a notch with a vibrant tape design and golden anodized forks, making a statement even when parked.

BMW believes its new CE 02 eParkourer can redefine urban mobility

This urban glider comes in two variants, offering a generous 11 kW (15 hp) or a modest 4 kW (5 hp), designed with the young and adventurous in mind. Acceleration at traffic lights won't be an issue; the eParkourer brings a burst of energy to city cruising. The top speed of the 11 kW variant touches a nippy 59 mph, with a travel range of over 56 miles, making it ideal for extended explorations of urban landscapes.

The CE 02's compact frame and low seat height add a dash of playfulness to its handling characteristics. Its svelte weight (291 lb for the 11 kW version, 262 lb for the 4 kW) should allow for easy maneuverability amidst bustling city traffic.

BMW believes its new CE 02 eParkourer can redefine urban mobility

The eParkourer isn't all about power and speed; it also prioritizes rider comfort and adaptability. It comes equipped with two riding modes: "Flow" and "Surf". While Flow offers a relaxed cruise mode for navigating through city traffic, Surf provides a more dynamic riding experience beyond city limits. For the adventurous, the additional "Flash" mode promises an adrenaline-fueled ride.

Charging your CE 02 shouldn’t be a nightmare either. It comes standard with a 0.9 kW external charger, suitable for regular household sockets. For those in a hurry, a quick charger option offering 1.5 kW is also available, saving you time and letting you get back on the road sooner.

BMW believes its new CE 02 eParkourer can redefine urban mobility

The CE 02 is outfitted with a TFT display, providing all necessary ride information at a glance. A USB-C charging port is also included, keeping your devices juiced up on the go. Furthermore, the BMW Motorrad Connected app provides real-time information on charging status and ride data, making your journey even more seamless.

The BMW CE 02 eParkourer is far more than just an electric ride. It's a vision of the future, blending innovative technology with functional design. BMW claims the CE 02 presents a new paradigm in urban mobility - and frankly, the company is onto something here. Electric motorbikes and scooters are the next chapter in the EV revolution, and while many companies look for the easiest ways to stash electric motors into 2-wheelers, BMW has some fun with it. It’s not trying to hide that the CE 02 is electric, and just like with the CE 04 - BMW is making sure the bike stands out enough to be a conversation starter, but not too much to avoid polarizing opinions.

BMW believes its new CE 02 eParkourer can redefine urban mobility


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Would rather have a Zero than this overpriced toy bike.

  • Pyrrho

That name is sooooo bad.

I absolutely don't understand how BMW would think that speed and range is acceptable considering all the recent battery innovation and the price it might be. I mean, there are budget scooters that have much higher speed and range...



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