BMW i4 2021 -


  • Lazz

I got my i4 35 a 2024 model last week 24th May, somewhat disappointed. There are too many apps, it'll take some time to figure them all out, I don't like the AC coming on when I start the motor, at the moment I'm having to manually turn it off, telling the car to turn it off results in it all front airways being turned off. now the charging, the OHME charger was installed 6 months before I even got the car, so the 6-month warranty lost. Charging is not so simple, at the garage the salesman set the charger to begin when my electric is cheapest @ 4.2p per KW hour, the charger is a 7.5KW charger and charging from 68%-85% costs £20, not sure if that can is correct? if so it's expensive, I don't travel far these days and that cost is more than my previous BMW X1 iDrive 2ltr twin turbo. On connecting the charger it appears the charger thinks its going to charge to 100% from zero, it is supposed to begin charging at 00:00-0500 but the charger says (in a text message) it doesn't have enough time to achieve that amount of charge. even though the car stops the charger at 85% it is still trying to charge, the charger is set to start at 00:00 but begins immediately it is connected, so in that regard, I'm somewhat disappointed. The car has only done 115 miles so still very new. The handbook is immense and it takes some reading, not enough explaining was done by the salesman (he had a phone call due) and left me with the car, it is without a doubt very quick, and acceleration seems immediate. The head-up display is good, but there is no 360-degree all-round camera, only a reverse camera, and no sunroof, all these come as extras and cost thousands. The car does drive well, I like what seems like auto braking, even on turning a corner the car begins braking itself, same with cars in front it wars you, you get a warning beeping if you go over the speed limit and it continues until you slow down. It's all still very new and I'll update as time passes and I get more used to the car, it does look stunning, I chose the colour of my army Regiment of green (it has gold flecks also, which show especially when the sun is out) all for now.

  • Blueyes

Too pessimist. 125 km/h control speed, 10 degrees I did 225 km with 50% battery. (From 100 to 50%). That means one full battery 450 km.

  • RafafromPortugal

J, 30 Dec 2023Real world range is far better, over 400 km at 120 km/h in outside temp around 0CHow..
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  • J

Real world range is far better, over 400 km at 120 km/h in outside temp around 0C

  • UM

Not Bad

  • N

Good car