BMW to deliver Neue Klasse-based model specifically designed for the Chinese market

Ro, 18 September 2023

BMW officially announced its Vision Neue Klasse concept earlier this month, which should lay the groundwork for future models based on the brand new Neue Klasse EV platform. Now the company's CEO, Oliver Zipse, said in an interview with Auto News, that the company will be delivering Neue Klasse BMWs tailored to specific markets.

BMW to design Neue Klasse vehicles for the Chinese market

He didn't want to disclose too much as there are still some details to be worked out, but it appears that the BMW design team in Shanghai is already working on China-specific models based on Neue Klasse. This decision does appear to have some logic behind it since about a third of BMWs global sales are in China. This means it makes sense to tailor features and design elements for the Chinese consumers.

The first Neue Klasse models will come out of Hungary's Debrecen factory in 2025 with Munich, Germany and Shenyang, China factories following suit in 2026. A year later, the Mexican plant in Luis Potisi will start building BMW's new EVs.



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  • Kuba

If it's only electric that will prove BMW is blind. What sells best in China are PHEVs.



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