The BMW Vision Neue Klasse - where tradition meets tomorrow

Max McDee, 02 September 2023

When most people think about BMW, what comes to mind? Speed, luxury, and perhaps that distinctive kidney grille. But if you were wondering if BMW is simply riding the nostalgia wave while the automotive world surges forward into a greener future, well, think again. Enter the BMW Vision Neue Klasse, a concept car that has more than just good looks - it's literally packed with the future to the roof.

The BMW Vision Neue Klasse - where tradition meets tomorrow

BMW isn't a newcomer to innovation; we're talking about a brand that led the luxury car market into modernity, so why would they stop now? Neue Klasse-or New Class, for those of us who failed German 101- isn't a new term. It's a revival of a naming scheme from the '60s that once revolutionized the market with a line of sedans and coupes. However, the term gets a 21st-century spin as it now represents BMW’s ambition to define a whole new era of sustainable yet stylish mobility. The "Neue" might be a nod to yesteryears, but the game is all about what comes next.

At the heart of the Vision Neue Klasse is a design philosophy that shouts "Less is more, but make it BMW." What does that mean? Picture expansive surfaces, a few striking lines, and features like the kidney grille and Hofmeister kink that scream BMW even if you squint from a mile away. By the way, did we mention the "Joyous bright" paintwork with a subtle yellow hue? It's as if the car itself is optimistic about the future.

Moving on to the interior, where BMW aims to merge your reality with... well, a virtual one. How? Through its next-gen iDrive, which seems more like a digital command center than a dashboard. It's user-centric, and intuitive, and connects both the driver and the passenger in a single interactive experience. Information is projected right into your line of sight, across the entire windscreen. Talk about convenience without distraction.

The BMW Vision Neue Klasse - where tradition meets tomorrow

Underneath all that elegance lies sixth-generation BMW eDrive technology that promises to be 30 percent more efficient, with faster charging and more range. These aren't just numbers; they're a statement that efficiency and performance can indeed go hand-in-hand. And if you're still skeptical about the whole electric angle, let it be known that this technology includes newly developed round battery cells with 20% higher energy density.

In an era when sustainable production is more than just a buzzword, the Vision Neue Klasse aims for a lifecycle that’s as circular as possible. Reduced material variety, targeted improvements, and an improved dismantling concept show that BMW has thought through the entire lifespan of the vehicle. It’s not just about arriving in style; it’s about leaving a legacy - preferably, a green one.

BMW claims the Vision Neue Klasse is already "two steps ahead of the future" and will bring next-decade mobility to roads by 2025. Now, while we might not have a crystal ball to confirm or deny that, what’s clear is that BMW is onto something, and whatever that "something" is, it’s certainly going to reshape our idea of what a luxury electric vehicle should be.

So - the BMW Vision Neue Klasse is not just a pretty face. It's an entire manifesto for the future of mobility, blending the best of luxury, sustainability, and technology. And it's wrapped up in a package that only BMW could pull off. The future might be uncertain, but if it's anything like what BMW is promising, we’re in. And yet, somehow, we can’t shake off the feeling that we’ve seen this all-new Neue Classe somewhere before, especially when looking at it from the rear quarter. Alfa Romeo 155 GTA or late Maserati Biturbo?

The BMW Vision Neue Klasse - where tradition meets tomorrow



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