BYD Denza N7 thinks it can revolutionize the EV landscape

Max McDee, 04 July 2023

The BYD Group has unveiled its highly-anticipated Denza N7 electric SUV, setting the stage for intensified competition in the electric vehicle industry. This new release, widely considered a direct competitor to Tesla's Model Y, is already making waves with more than 20,000 pre-orders flooding in. The launch itself was so full of hyped-up language, it left us nauseous - but away from all the hype, can Denza N7 challenge Tesla Model Y?

The Denza N7 electric SUV reflects BYD's commitment to technological advancement and innovative design. It’s built on an upgraded version of BYD’s e-Platform 3.0, featuring the latest CTB (Cell-to-Body) structural battery system and iTAC (Intelligence Torque Adaptation Control System). Its exterior adopts the π-MOTION design, claiming to represent circularity and infinite possibilities. Interestingly, buyers can choose between two distinct front-face designs - one that clearly indicates N7 is an EV and one that pretends it isn’t.

BYD Denza N7 wants to revolutionize the EV landscape

Based on the new, pure electric platform, with a battery integrated into the chassis and with dimensions of 191.3 inches x 76.2 inches x 63.1 inches and a wheelbase of 115.7 inches, the Denza N7 offers a spacious ride. It is slightly longer than the Tesla Model Y, it actually sits right in the middle between Model Y and Model X.

In terms of power and performance, Denza N7 outshines many of its competitors. Available in two versions, single-motor, and dual-motor four-wheel drive, Denza N7 is equipped with a 91.4 kWh ‘blade’ battery pack. The single-motor model has a maximum power of 230 kW with a CLTC range of 436 miles. The dual-motor four-wheel drive version offers a maximum power of 390 kW, can accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in just 3.9 seconds, and boasts a CLTC range of 391 miles. Now that is Tesla Model Y Performance territory.

BYD Denza N7 wants to revolutionize the EV landscape

Denza N7 hides a neat trick up its sleeve - it can take 150 kW when using a single charging gun, but it reaches a remarkable 230 kW with dual charging guns. This powerful charging system can replenish up to 217 miles of range in just 15 minutes and provide an additional 100 kilometers of range in a brisk 4 minutes. Tesla, in comparison, supports up to 250 kW when hooked up to Supercharger V3 - Denza N7 doesn’t need a special DC charger, it only needs two.

The interior comes with no less than six screens These include a 17.3-inch central control screen, a 10.25-inch LCD instrument panel, a 10.25-inch entertainment screen for the co-pilot, an AR-HUD (Augmented Reality Head-Up Display), and dual intelligent air vent display screens.

The Denza N7 prioritizes privacy with features like the ability to turn off cameras. It also offers an augmented reality head-up display, which uses AR tech to project information digitally over the road in front of the driver. For music lovers, the Denza N7 comes equipped with a Devialet audio system. The vehicle also offers Nappa leather-covered seats and front trunk space sufficient to accommodate a 20-inch suitcase.

BYD has placed a lot of focus on safety, introducing its Advanced Intelligent Driving Assistance System with the Denza N7. Known as the - kid you not - "God’s Eye," this system provides comprehensive vehicle companionship, assistance, and rescue in all scenarios. It relies on BYD’s advanced electronic architecture and full-stack self-developed capabilities to propose a holistic solution for intelligent driving at the vehicle system level. Clever - sure, hyped-up - yes, but “God’s Eye” seems like a bit too much.

Deliveries are scheduled in mid-July, but the Denza N7 is already enjoying healthy interest. Around 3,000 units are expected to be delivered in July, with an additional 6,000 units following in August. With pre-orders already exceeding 20,000 units, it's safe to say that the Denza N7 is set to take the electric vehicle market by storm. There are six versions of the N7 in total, with prices starting from RMB 301,800 ($41,600). The most expensive model starts at RMB 379,800 ($52,400) which is only RMB 16,000 ($2,200) more than Tesla Model Y Performance.

Denza N7 has plenty of promise, it is priced competitively, and with BYD and its marketing machine behind the new brand, it can become a best-seller. Its pre-orders suggest that it already is a success, and if the company can deliver on time - the N7 will climb up the sales ranks with the speed of light. Will it affect Tesla Model Y though? If it does, Tesla always has another tool at its disposal - it can still cut its prices further and BYD can’t follow, not without consequences. On paper, the N7 looks like a quality offering, it has everything - performance, comfort, technology and it is priced well. Only time will tell if buyers agree with that.

BYD Denza N7 wants to revolutionize the EV landscape

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