GAC's Hyper to deliver solid-state battery EVs with 620 miles range in 2026

Max McDee, 12 April 2024

Hyper, under Chinese automotive giant GAC, detailed its solid state battery tech at a dedicated event today. The brand plans to deliver EVs with the new tech and range in excess of 620 miles by 2026.

Solid state batteries are less prone to overheating, less flammable, and retain their capacity better over time. More importantly, they have far higher energy density, enabling higher capacity in the same volume and weight.

Chinese automaker GAC eyes 2026 for solid-state battery EVs

GAC claims its batteries have energy densities exceeding 400 Wh/kg, which is 50% increase over the best of today's top liquid lithium-ion batteries. So if we take the Tesla Model 3 and its 82 kWh battery as an example, we could theoretically have the same size battery but over 120 kWh capacity, which will boost the vehicle's range tremendously.

Chinese automaker GAC eyes 2026 for solid-state battery EVs

GAC still faces challenges on the road ahead as mass-producing solid-state batteries is still not cracked by any maker. But should the company meet its own deadlines EVs are in for another giant leap forward. Other Chinese automakers like Nio and IM Motors are also hot on the trail of solid-state technology, so hopefully at least some of them make it to the final destination.


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  • Anonymous

Assuming the 620 miles is the "wltp" range, no car will ever come close to it. That said, this will bring about huge range gains which is awesome!



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