XPeng expands to 5 Middle East countries, Germany and UK are next

Max McDee, 22 February 2024

XPeng, a well-known Chinese electric vehicle maker, is cooking up an ambitious global takeover. The company's already established a presence in some European nations, but it's now got its eye on the UK, Germany, and the lucrative oil-rich markets of the Middle East.

Chinese EV maker XPeng goes global - targets Europe and the Middle East

XPeng's not exactly sneaking into these markets. It formed partnerships with big names in car distribution, like Ali & Sons in the UAE and RAYA Group in Egypt. With these heavy hitters on board, XPeng hopes to showcase its lineup of tech-focused EVs. The star attractions? The XPeng G6 and G9 SUVs – promising, but can they deliver?

Their specs are… well, competitive. The G9 electric SUV, for example, boasts a claimed range exceeding 350 miles on the European WLTP cycle. It can even hit a hefty 125 mph top speed. For SUV lovers, that's a pretty enticing package. G9 starts at nearly $62,200 in Europe, but that’s the standard range model. The AWD Performance version starts at $77,300 which isn’t exactly a chop-change - but it is competitive, considering the size of the vehicle you’re getting.

Chinese EV maker XPeng goes global - targets Europe and the Middle East

The smaller G6, with either a single 292 hp electric motor, or a whopping dual-motor 460 hp powertrain, is an interesting option. Sized almost exactly as the world’s best selling car Tesla Model Y, this good-looking SUV is ready for its debut in Europe this year. Starting as usual in the Netherlands, the G6 is expected to cost around $49,400 for the entry-level model, which is $17,200 than it costs in China - but such is the market reality.

XPeng's expansion isn't just about selling a few cars – it's about proving Chinese EV makers can compete on the global stage. With Europe's EV market maturing quickly and the Middle East eager for a shift away from fossil fuels, the timing could be right. But this is a steep uphill battle, and XPeng's long-term success will depend on many factors outside of its control.

Not bad for a <span title='€58,000'>$62,200</span> electric SUV - XPeng G9 interior Not bad for a $62,200 electric SUV - XPeng G9 interior

The Middle East is showing a growing appetite for electric vehicles. While still in its early stages, EV adoption in the region is gaining momentum. Countries like the UAE are leading the charge, with ambitious plans for a zero-emissions future and government incentives encouraging buyers to make the switch.

Saudi Arabia isn't far behind, with investments in charging infrastructure and talks of establishing domestic EV production. This shift is driven by factors like diversifying energy economies, meeting climate goals, and positioning themselves as tech-forward nations. While challenges remain, the trajectory points to a future where EVs play a significant role in Middle Eastern transportation.


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