Enigma of the Tesla Cybertruck’s dimensions unravels

Max McDee, 15 October 2023

Tesla Cybertruck stands out for so many reasons - not just for its unique design, but as well for the constant air of mystery surrounding its specifics. While the truck has made countless appearances, much of its details have remained cloaked in secrecy. Yet, leave it to the relentless spirit of enthusiasts to dig out the juicy details we all crave.

Recently, a Tesla enthusiast, presumably eager to figure out if the Cybertruck could fit snugly in his garage, took matters into his own hands. Stumbling upon a parked Cybertruck - casually charging, perhaps preparing for its next adventure - he simply used a household measuring tape to discover the vehicle's width. Yes, the very kind you’d use to measure your coffee table or that new sofa you’ve been eyeing.

Enigma of the Tesla Cybertruck’s dimensions unravels

After his measurement escapade, he headed over to the Cybertruck Owners Club online forum to share his findings. The Cybertruck's rear bumper? A neat 72 inches. Factor in those beefy rear tires, and you're looking at an overall width of 78 inches. Just for a quick comparison, believe it or not, the Model S sports a width of 78.2 inches, minus the mirrors.

However, before we etch these numbers in stone, it's worth noting that vehicles, much like people, can be a tad different depending on the angle you're looking from. The Cybertruck's front, mid-section, and rear might have slight discrepancies in width. And while our enthusiast's tape measure is commendable, regulatory measurements might offer a slight variance. Elon Musk, Tesla’s ever-vocal CEO, had mentioned back in 2020 that the Cybertruck would lean closer to 82 inches in width. But, you know, things change. Especially during elongated development phases.

Enigma of the Tesla Cybertruck’s dimensions unravels

In another breadcrumb of information, Tesla, during a recent Q2 earnings call, spilled the beans on the Cybertruck's length, which should be less than 19 feet (or 228 inches). The truck's bed? Longer than six feet (72 inches). For those fond of comparisons, the Ford F-150 Lightning stretches out to 232.7 inches, boasts a width of 80 inches (mirror not included), and stands tall at 78.3 inches, as per its official brochure.

Drawing conclusions from these figures, parking the Cybertruck in a standard garage might not be as Herculean a task as initially thought. Sure, you might need to flex those parking muscles, but the truck's rear axle steering might just be the secret weapon, making tight turns feel like a breeze. Couple that with an ensemble of cameras, and parking this futuristic behemoth might just feel like guiding a compact sedan into a spot.

Alas, for all this information, the wait for the Cybertruck continues. Anticipation had built around a Q3 2023 delivery event at the Gigafactory Texas. But, much like a dramatic movie twist, that timeline evaporated. Now, all eyes are set on Q4.


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