EPA documents reveal Cybertruck battery, heat pump, and charging indicator details

Max McDee, 05 December 2023

In a recent release by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the official specifications of the Tesla Cybertruck have been unveiled, shedding light on some intriguing details of the most talked about EV at the moment. While none of these revelations can be considered groundbreaking, they do offer valuable insights for EV enthusiasts.

Cybertruck with optional range-extender battery pack Cybertruck with optional range-extender battery pack

The Certification Summary Information Report filed just ten days before Tesla's exuberant delivery event on November 21, 2023, disclosed some key details about the Cybertruck's power source. The document mentions a total battery pack voltage of 816 volts, a battery energy capacity of 150 Ah, and a battery-specific energy of 170 Wh/kg. This translates to a notable 122.4 kWh of energy capacity, closely aligning with the unofficial estimate of 123 kWh reported by some sources. Of course, Tesla remains tight-lipped about the battery capacity of its EVs, leaving us to rely on these official documents for insight.

EPA documents reveal Cybertruck battery, heat pump, and charging indicator details

Another revelation from the EPA documents is the confirmation of a heat pump in the Cybertruck. While this might not come as a surprise for seasoned Tesla enthusiasts, the heat pump is a crucial component for enhancing range and efficiency in electric vehicles. Tesla's ingenious heat pump design recycles heat generated by the battery and drive units to warm the cabin, conserve energy, and extend driving range - particularly valuable during cold winter months when energy consumption tends to be higher.

According to the documents, the heat pump system incorporates a variable-speed electric fan located at the front of the chassis tub, directing warm air to defrost, face level, and floor level vents in the passenger compartment. This innovation significantly reduces energy consumption for heating and cooling purposes, improving overall efficiency and, in turn, range.

EPA documents reveal Cybertruck battery, heat pump, and charging indicator details

One quirky detail about the Cybertruck's design revealed in the documents concerns its charging port. Situated on the rear left fender, the charging port features an eye-catching and functional touch - a colorful indicator in the shape of the Cybertruck, for its state of charge (SoC).

A solid white illumination indicates that the charging cable can be safely removed or inserted. On the other hand, an orange light signifies that the cable isn't securely latched, while a flashing blue light signals that the charging process is underway as expected. This user-friendly feature adds a dash of flair to the Cybertruck's charging experience, making it both practical and visually engaging.

EPA documents reveal Cybertruck battery, heat pump, and charging indicator details

For those curious about the Cybertruck's heft, the EPA documents provide clarity. The curb weight of the Cybertruck in the Cyberbeast trim is an imposing 6,898 lb, while the all-wheel-drive variant tips the scales at 6,669 lb. Both versions share a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 9,169 lb, highlighting their robust build and capacity. Unfortunately, details about the rear-wheel-drive Cybertruck, slated for a 2025 release, remain elusive as the EPA hasn't made those files public yet.


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  • Mr T

Many EVs have heat pumps, my Zoe, a design over a decade old, has a heat pump. Nothing new here...

  • Anonymous

I'm not surprised that the Ctruck has a heat pump, Tesla's always have cool tech features.



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