Fiat Pandina EV to start from $21,000 in Europe

Ro, 05 December 2023

The Pandina is an upcoming version of the currently existing Panda that will be offered in two options - hybrid and fully electric. The Pandina is going to be produced on three continents, but it will be sold worldwide with specific customization options depending on the market. The most enticing aspect of this car, however, is the price.

Fiat Pandina EV to start from <span title='€20,000'>$21,000</span> in Europe, production starts in Serbia

The BEV version is going to start at around $21,000, while the hybrid will ask $16,100. Stellantis' plant in Serbia will be the first one to kick off production, but the Betim factory in Brazil and the one in Morocco will also be joining the manufacturing process. Up until now, Fiat has been making its Fiat 500L in the Kragujevac factory in Serbia.

The Stellantis CEO believes that the Pandina will become a popular vehicle in the Balkan region due to its low price and city-oriented dimensions. It's going to be just 157 inches long and provide about 124 miles of autonomy on a single charge.

The staff at the Kragujevac plant has already gone through training and the facility is ready to be the first Balkan factory to produce an all-electric vehicle. Stellantis and the Serbian government signed a contract last year on incentives for the production. Out of the €190 million investment, €48 million will be provided by Serbia.


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  • Sumadinac

Imagine this competing against Rimac. Sad but true.



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