Fisker's electric dreams shattered

Max McDee, 24 June 2024

The Fisker Ocean, once hailed as a beacon of hope in the electric vehicle market, is now adrift in a sea of financial woes. As the company faces liquidation, the fate of its 4,300 remaining electric SUVs hangs in the balance.

Fisker's recent bankruptcy filing revealed a grim reality: the company is unable to secure the additional financing it desperately needs. This has left the carmaker with no choice but to liquidate its assets, including its entire inventory of Ocean SUVs. A single buyer has agreed to purchase the remaining fleet, but the road to liquidation is fraught with challenges.

Fisker's electric dreams shattered

At the heart of Fisker's financial troubles is a staggering $850 million debt owed to two groups of bondholders. A contentious battle is brewing between these groups, with one accusing the other of exploiting a minor default to seize control of Fisker's assets. This dispute threatens to complicate the liquidation process and delay repayment to creditors.

The downfall of Fisker is a stark reminder of the challenges faced by EV startups. Despite the growing demand for electric vehicles, these companies often struggle to secure the necessary funding to scale production and compete with established automakers. Fisker's inability to secure additional investment ultimately led to the halting of Ocean production and the company's subsequent bankruptcy filing.

The Fisker Ocean, with its sleek design and impressive range, had the potential to be a real disruptor in the EV market. However, the company's financial woes have ultimately overshadowed its technological achievements. The fate of the Ocean now rests in the hands of a single buyer, leaving Fisker's loyal customers and investors to ponder what might have been.


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After his first failed attempt with karma, I was surprised he managed to collect enough investment for second attempt and was thinking it might end the same way as the first. Perhaps third time's the charm?



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