Ford pivots EV strategy: three-row SUV delayed, hybrids get a boost

Max McDee, 05 April 2024

Ford is making a surprise course correction, slowing the pace of its electric vehicle rollout. The company announced a delay in the launch of its highly-anticipated three-row electric SUV and a new focus on hybrid models. This shift comes on the heels of Ford's impressive first-quarter EV sales, where it secured second place in the US electric car market.

While the F-150 Lightning remains the top-selling electric pickup and the Mustang Mach-E continues its solid performance, Ford still needs to hit the accelerator on its next-generation EV plans. The electric three-row SUV, a spacious family-focused EV, has been pushed back from 2025 to 2027. Ford states the delay allows the market to develop further and take advantage of advancements in battery technology.

3-row electric SUV from Ford has been pushed back to 2027 3-row electric SUV from Ford has been pushed back to 2027

Meanwhile, Ford is turning its attention to bolstering its hybrid lineup. By the decade's end, the company plans to offer hybrid versions across its entire Ford Blue vehicle range. Clearly, the company decided to put a greater emphasis on fuel-efficient vehicles for the near term.

Despite the pivot, Ford's EV journey isn't at a standstill. The company confirms that its all-new electric pickup truck, a work-ready model aimed at expanding EV adoption beyond enthusiasts, is on track for a 2026 debut. Ford is also diligently working on more affordable EVs, with prices rumored to start around $25,000. This "Skunkworks" project targets a wider buyer base by delivering budget-friendly electric cars.

Full-size electric 3-row Ford Explorer replacement may come in 2027 Full-size electric 3-row Ford Explorer replacement may come in 2027

"Our EV sales are strong, but we know scaling a profitable business takes time and careful planning," said CEO Jim Farley. "We're committed to EVs, but we're also committed to using our strengths. That means offering smart hybrid choices alongside EVs as we build out the next generation of electric vehicles."

While the delay of the three-row SUV might disappoint some, Ford's expansion of its hybrid lineup opens up options for environmentally conscious consumers who might need more time to be ready for a fully electric car. Plus, the promise of more affordable EVs in the pipeline signals Ford's intent to bring electric vehicles to the masses.



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