Ford to challenge Pikes Peak with F-150 Lightning-based SuperTruck

Max McDee, 29 May 2024

Ford is gearing up to tackle the legendary Pikes Peak International Hill Climb with a high-performance EV based on the popular F-150 Lightning pickup truck. This "SuperTruck," as it's been dubbed, isn't just a showpiece – it's a rolling laboratory for Ford's ongoing EV development.

While details are scarce, the teaser video released by Ford hints at several performance upgrades, including a massive rear wing and a new diffuser. These aerodynamic enhancements, combined with a power boost that's sure to dwarf the standard Lightning's output, will be essential for conquering the 156 turns and {{4,720 ft}} elevation gain of the Pikes Peak course.

This isn't Ford's first foray into EV racing at Pikes Peak. Last year, the company's Electric SuperVan set a new class record. This year, the SuperTruck will be piloted by Romain Dumas, the same driver who set an overall course record in a Volkswagen ID.R in 2018.

The SuperTruck project serves a dual purpose for Ford. Firstly, it's a chance to showcase the performance potential of EVs, especially in the pickup truck segment. Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, it's an opportunity to gather valuable data on electric powertrains in extreme conditions. The learnings from Pikes Peak will undoubtedly find their way into future Ford EVs, benefitting consumers with improved performance, efficiency, and durability.

Ford isn't the only manufacturer eyeing Pikes Peak this year. Hyundai will compete with its Ioniq 5 N, and the Acura ZDX Type S takes on pace car duty. With the major automakers vying for EV supremacy on the mountain, the 2024 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb promises to be an exciting showcase of electric performance.


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