Foxconn will build INDI One electric cars and presents its own Model B

Max McDee, 07 October 2022

INDIEV is an electric car startup from Los Angeles, its first model is the INDI One and it was presented for the first time at the CES in January this year. The company promised the car would become available before the end of this year but those plans have changed now and INDIEV has enlisted Foxconn to help with the car’s production.

Both Foxconn and IDIEV signed a Memorandum Of Understanding, under which Foxconn will begin manufacturing the first prototypes of INDI One at its Ohio manufacturing plant.


INDI One is an electric crossover, it is slightly larger than Tesla Model Y and the Ford Mustang Mach-E. The car is powered by a 95 kWH battery with a claimed range of 483 km or 300 miles. Two electric motors deliver a combined 410 HP to all four wheels. INDI One is priced at $45,000.

Another announcement concerning Foxconn, came from Pininfarina, its design partner. The Italian automotive design house published a short teaser on its YouTube channel of a brand new electric car - the Model B from Foxconn’s own brand, the Foxtron.

Although short, the teaser is quite revealing and shows the compact crossover from every angle. The car has a very dynamic shape with short overhangs both at the front and the rear. It looks almost like a hatchback if not for its higher than usual stance.

The video comes with a rather intriguing title - “It’s beauty. It’s beast.” It apparently refers to the car’s handsome exterior and its clever interior with a modular design that offers more space than any other vehicle in its class.

Foxtron Model B Foxtron Model B

There is just a whiff of influence in the car’s overall shape from the Jaguar i-Pace, the silhouette is very similar. The front and the rear of the car feature a full-length LED light with a lit-up logo in the middle. There is a quite sizable air-vent in the front bumper which directs the air under the front LED light and onto the bonnet - it’s a trend that becomes more and more popular with many automakers.

The car will be based on Foxconn’s own modular EV architecture and will be officially unveiled on October 18. The Model B has a very similar design language to its bigger sibling, the Model E sedan but it will have one major adb¡vantage over it - the price. Model B is rumored to be one of the most affordable EV with a target price of $25,000 - we don’t have to wait long to find out how much truth is in that rumor.

Foxconn will build INDI One electric cars and presents its own Model B

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Hope the cars will be a lot better than iphones they making. We dont need 2 complete sh*ts one from US brand but made in china Foxconn is more than enough.



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