GAC unveils Aion Y Younger with 430km of range

Max McDee, 08 March 2023

Don’t you just love the way Chinese companies name their products? Sometimes it’s weird, sometimes it’s just hilarious, but sometimes, it makes so much sense. Take the newly announced Aion Y Younger - it is a refreshed, hence younger, version of the Aion Y. So simple.

GAC unveils Aion Y Younger with 430 km of range

Since this is a technical refresh, the exterior and the interior remain pretty much unchanged, save for a couple of color accents here and there. There is only one version available of Aion Y Younger and it is priced at RMB 119,800 ($17,200) making it very attractive for younger buyers. The new name makes it obvious again.

Despite its rather cute looks, the Aion Y Younger is not a small car. It is 5cm shorter than the VW ID.4 but it’s 2cm wider and 1cm taller than the German electric SUV. It is 13cm longer than the Volvo XC40 Recharge or the upcoming Smart #3. It is 20cm longer than the new Kona Electric, which already isn’t a small car.

Only two colors are available Only two colors are available

Aion Y Younger comes only in two color options - you can have it in either silver or blue and both come with orange accents. That’s one way to keep the costs down and simplify choices. The same goes for the wheels - either 18” or 19” and that’s it.

The interior is quite flexible, the front seats can fold all the way back, creating a decent-sized bed for those emergency moments. Two screens provide all the information required - driver’s 10.25-inch and central 14.6-inch. Giant center console can store some extra stuff and the wireless charging pad sits right next to two cup holders.

GAC unveils Aion Y Younger with 430 km of range

Keyless entry and reversing aid are on board so is the Bluetooth for phone connections. The wipers have rain sensors, but that’s about the extent of technology offered in this refreshingly simple electric SUV.

The Aion Y Younger comes with the new 51.9kWh LFP battery which can keep the car going for 430 km. The 100kW electric motor is responsible for powering the front wheels and thanks to its 176Nm it makes it a cinch.

GAC unveils Aion Y Younger with 430 km of range

In a nutshell, Aion Y Younger is an affordable and simple electric SUV, it offers just enough range for everyday driving and has plenty of room for everyday needs. It’s only available in two colors and comes with just one battery and motor option. It sounds like an electric car that many of us could use.



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