Genesis is developing EREV version of GV70

Max McDee, 21 May 2024

According to the latest reports, South Korean auto giant Hyundai, under its luxury brand Genesis, is developing an extended-range electric vehicle (EREV) version of its popular GV70 SUV. This is a significant shift for Genesis as it ventures into hybrid territory for the first time.

The GV70 EREV, currently under development at the Hyundai and Kia Namyang Research Institute, aims to redefine hybrid technology. EREVs are a unique class of electric vehicles designed to extend the electric driving range through an onboard internal combustion engine. Although technically electric vehicles, EREVs function differently from plug-in hybrids (PHEVs) since only the electric motor is used for propulsion. In contrast, the combustion engine is used as a generator to keep the battery charged.

Genesis is developing EREV version of GV70

One key differentiator between EREVs and traditional PHEVs is the range. While conventional PHEVs offer a limited electric range of around 62 miles at best, EREVs are designed to surpass 124 miles on pure electric power. The GV70 EREV is projected to boast a total driving range exceeding 559 miles, combining electric and gasoline power.

This extended range comes courtesy of a larger battery pack than we can find in standard PHEVs. It not only enhances the electric driving range but also shifts the primary mode of operation to electric power, with the internal combustion engine acting as a backup to recharge the battery on the go.

Genesis is developing EREV version of GV70

Hyundai's entry into EREV technology is seen as a strategic response to the growing demand for electric vehicles and the limitations of current hybrid offerings. By overcoming the "electric vehicle chasm" – the challenges associated with transitioning from internal combustion engines to pure electric vehicles – Hyundai hopes to gain a competitive advantage in the hybrid market.

Specific details about the GV70 EREV's release date and pricing remain under wraps for now, but anticipation is building. As Hyundai continues to innovate in the electric vehicle space, the GV70 EREV reflects its ambition and vision for the future of mobility.


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  • luke

So this car mostly runs on electricity, and the gas engine is like a backup plan. It's not your typical hybrid, but it seems like a clever idea.



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