Genesis to use Samsung hardware for its future GV90 EV, the new Exynos Auto V920 included

Ro, 25 July 2023

Genesis, Hyundai Motor Group's luxury brand, is working on its flagship EV, which will also become the biggest SUV the company has ever made. The Genesis GV90 is said to be a next-generation EV based on the company's still unreleased IMA platform (Integrated Modular Architecture), replacing the current E-GMP platform. It has now been confirmed that the huge SUV will also be the first to integrate Samsung's technologies.

Genesis GV70 Genesis GV70

Genesis struck a historical deal with Samsung and other Korean-based tech companies, including SK and LG. This would help boost local EV sales and will likely bring cutting-edge tech to Hyundai's vehicles. For the first time ever, the car manufacturer will use Samsung's latest Exynos Auto V920 chip and Samsung-made OLED screens for the infotainment system.

The chipset incorporates 10 CPUs and a powerful NPU to leverage AI capabilities for advanced self-driving capabilities. The system will allow the latest infotainment features, support for video streaming services, games and all sorts of entertainment and tools.

Regarding the GV90, previous reports indicate that it could be the EV with the largest battery on the market as the new IMA platform will allow a massive 113.2 kWh unit on board. Hyundai says the IMA is designed to cater to all vehicle classes, not just SUVs and its modularity will bring down the production cost significantly.



Reader comments

  • Anonymous

Surely a car that has airconditioning and could in theory cool a COMBUSTION ENGINE can afford to cool a sub 50watt chip. The only thing overheathing would be your head trying to think of funny jokes if anything.

It seems you haven't tried any recent vehicle made by VW concern - like ID.4, any Škoda etc.

  • Anonymous

Love the look, but it's probably way too expensive



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