Hyundai Ioniq 5 2021 -


  • andrii

ioniq 5 2023 has a battery of 77 and 229 horsepower as in ioniq 6. update the information on the site

  • The

Sure I have a car I'm gonna spend 40.000 on a electric make them affordable 15 20 aren't you manufacturing people that say theese cars have no parts just batery and 4 electric engines so why so EXPENSIVE

  • Anonymous

This Hyundai is a toy.

  • Puran

EV Car maker should focus for Mass Market wtihin reach of everybody.

Anonymous, 14 Feb 2022Does it have wireless android auto or only with cable?Every car has Bluetooth audio these days.

  • Anonymous

Does it have wireless android auto or only with cable?

  • Anonymous

The RWD versions of the Ioniq 5 have a bigger frunk with 57l capacity, at least in Europe. But it seems that in the US and Canada you only get the smaller frunk due to safety regulations.