Hyundai's three-row Ioniq 7 electric SUV debuts this summer

Max McDee, 21 February 2024

After teasing us with concept cars and spy shots, Hyundai's much-awaited electric SUV is finally becoming a reality. This isn't just another EV in an increasingly crowded market – the Ioniq 7 is Hyundai's first three-row all-electric SUV, pushing the company further into family-friendly transportation with its unique styling and cutting-edge tech.

Hyundai's three-row Ioniq 7 electric SUV debuts this summer

Hyundai's Ioniq line has gained a reputation for quirky, standout designs that blend retro-chic with a hint of sci-fi. The Ioniq 7 looks to continue this trend, evolving the "Seven" concept car's eye-catching mix of pixel lighting, a sloping roofline, and ultra-spacious interior into something you could soon see parked in driveways. While some of the concept's more outlandish features, like swiveling seats and screens galore, might not make the final cut, expect a strong emphasis on futuristic luxury on the inside.

The Korean automaker has confirmed an official debut date of June 27th for the production-ready Ioniq 7 at the upcoming Busan Motor Show in South Korea. The three-row SUV will sit on the same E-GMP platform as Hyundai's successful Ioniq 5, along with the Kia EV9, which is Ioniq 7's more squared-off twin.

Hyundai's three-row Ioniq 7 electric SUV debuts this summer

While official powertrain specs are under wraps, it's likely to offer a choice of battery sizes (think 75 kWh up to 100 kWh) and both rear-wheel and all-wheel drive models. Like its EV9 sibling, expect lightning-fast DC charging abilities - potentially adding hundreds of miles of range in under 30 minutes.

Hyundai is betting big on electric vehicles, with a new $5 billion manufacturing plant in Georgia set to open later this year. This plant is expected to play a crucial role in Ioniq 7 production from 2025 onwards, bolstering US supply and potentially making these SUVs eligible for those coveted EV tax credits once again. The initial production is slated to start this July in South Korea, at Hyundai's Asan plant.


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