Kia e-Niro 2018 - 2023


  • Spoonout

My wife driving one for 3 years.
0 issues.
Perfect city commuter.
Lots of room, lots of convenient features.
some undocumented features, like keeping line on highway with hands off the steering wheel.
Finally, looks like normal car, not like something with 100500 inch TV between front seats, not like plastic soap holder.
It is small SUV.

  • lancelot

Elator, 08 Feb 2022First here ;) Great car in my opinion. Had a volvo v40 and then made the jump to EV's ... moreI am driving Hyundai Kona EV for the last three years and I can confirm all these pros/cons.

  • Elator

First here ;)

Great car in my opinion. Had a volvo v40 and then made the jump to EV's due to fuel consumption and the little disappointment that did plague my first few days was because of my comparison to earlier car.

- Nice infotainment system, simple to use. Does not lag.
- buttons for climate volume and all important stuff so no need to slide around the screen when you are driving.
- spacious, decent quality materials (not first class like volvo)
- very efficient battery.
- very good performance, probably best in this price range?
- regen Implementation is excellent too.

- first few days a squeak from right side window/dashboard area bothered me immensely, earlier car was like a tank. I've since then realised that other cars in this price bracket are no better.
- public charging isn't fast enough. Home charging of course is the way to go but otherwise, plan for some long coffee breaks.
- EV6/Ioniq 5 is obviously better but for a couple of thousand more, and built on dedicated EV platform unlike e-niro.
- non LED bulbs inside car for illumination, not sure why this decision was ever made.
- beep and bong and beep galore.

I am happy with the purchase though.