Mercedes EQE 2021 -


  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Jul 2022Nice, but I'd still get a Tesla.Why? This is superior to a tesla and is the first car with automated drive level 3 and it’s for free, as opposed to tesla that sells you an automated drive level 5 that doesn’t works for 15k usd, they lie to customers that they will deliver on the auto drive this year, for the past 6 years or more. Tesla is a scam like Elon is a bad joke and a fake

  • Dan911

An ugly Mercedes that looks like a previous gen Honda Fit.

  • Anonymous

Nice, but I'd still get a Tesla.

  • Leland

Minty, 17 Feb 2022Imma get me one when I grow up..Nice

Imma get me one when I grow up..