Mercedes-Benz EQS gets a refresh: longer range, updated looks, and more luxury

Max McDee, 10 April 2024

Mercedes-Benz just updated its flagship electric sedan, the EQS. The 2025 version promises a longer range, a subtly tweaked design, and an extra dose of opulent comfort.

A new, larger 118-kWh battery pack delivers a noticeable jump in the car's range. Mercedes still needs to release official EPA figures, but the WLTP rating is 400 miles on a single charge. That's a welcome improvement over the current model.

Mercedes also tweaked the EQS's regenerative braking software in an attempt to squeeze a few extra miles.

Mercedes-Benz EQS gets a refresh: longer range, updated looks, and extra luxury

The 2025 EQS swaps the current model's slightly fussy grille with a more traditional design sporting chrome slats. More prominently, the Mercedes star now proudly stands on the hood, a classic touch on a car aiming for pure luxury status.

Inside, the emphasis is on spoiling the folks in the back. The seats boast a new look and feel and those springing for the top-tier "Pinnacle" trim will find themselves able to recline their seat almost to a lounge position. There's an option to fold the front passenger seat forward, granting those in the back limousine-like legroom. Then there's heated neck and shoulder zones for rear passengers to add to the pampering.

Mercedes-Benz EQS gets a refresh: longer range, updated looks, and extra luxury

Mercedes isn't changing the EQS's wow-factor "Hyperscreen" display, and understandably so. But in a big move from now on, it comes standard on every EQS trim.

A newly standard heat pump warms the cabin more efficiently than traditional resistive heaters, reducing the strain on the battery and thus extending range. Additionally, 4MATIC models receive a clever upgrade - a "Disconnect Unit" that decouples the front axle's electric motor when not needed. This reduces energy consumption and further increases the EQS's real-world range.

Look for the refreshed, longer-range 2025 Mercedes-Benz EQS sedan to arrive at the dealerships sometime in late 2024. Pricing is yet to be revealed, but don't expect this tech-laden luxury cruiser to come cheap.


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  • Anonymous

Really like it, looks elegant. I think the fake grille needs more than three bars but I still think it makes it look better than what was there before, and the hood ornament is just such a nice thing. People are saying they made it worse but I really...



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