Apple's first electric car allegedly delayed, won't offer full autonomous driving initially

07 December 2022
Yet more delays in the seemingly never-ending saga of Apple’s self-driving electric car. The company is delaying the car's debut to at least 2026, with full autonomy possibly scrapped as well.

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  • Ravikumar

Ugliest & Worse car ever made by Apple & it cant beat Sony's Vision S1

Wallstreet, 08 Dec 2022Windows sold separately Yeah and it only does work when Parallels Desktop is installed :D

  • Jannsen

Apple price list:
- opening front door 9,99$
- starting engine 29,99$
- opening trunk 19,99$
- using heating/cooling not available at any cost
- using other provider than Apple Music 199,99$ each time

  • Shinigami

"current technology is not capable of offering safe autonomous driving. This statement will age really badly with few Chinese companies probably rubbing their hands and getting ready to show Apple how wrong it is."
When it comes to Chinese technology, as long as you don't mind self driving cars chewing down both pedestrians and its own passengers, they can roll out self driving murdering tech any moment. Just don't blame the company, they follow the dogma - go fast, break things. Or bones. Probably both.

The best imaginable self-driving car would require dedicated set of roads accessible only to self driving cars.

A better way would be to design cities that do not require driving, where everything is within walking distance.

The Apple car will be considered a luxury vehicle but it won’t be priced as such. $100,000 is a lot of money but it is less than any luxury brand wants for their cars. Depending what EV technology will underpin it, it may be considered a good value offering. It is just a huge shame that a couple of Chinese companies and most likely Tesla will prove Apple wrong and release their respective autonomous cars. Long before Apple’s no-longer-autonomous car hits the road.

Ye by the way Luxury usually means hand made which apple will never be. Just liek their Shapphire fake glass on watch and some phone screens thise self autonoumous driving will be same crap as Elon Musk Tesla self autonoumous driving where he had to pay several fines lastly to some German customer where Tesla car OS failed they way it should work and car crashed.

So trusting Apple i rather buy car by Xiaomi or any other brand apart Apple and Tesla.
To me a Luxury car means its handmade and buiild from exquiasite materials just like some Rolls Royces, Bentley, Aston Martin, Munro Mk_1 etc.

If something s expensive it does not means its luxury.
For exampe among all phone brands that exist only Vertu brand could be called Luxury.
Oher brands are just exúensive. Caviar made Samsung, Huawei or Iphone is also expensive and could be somewhat called luxury or luxurious but its not on same level like a Vertu brand.

Since apple is company that cannot be trusted they can delay as much as they want.
Only thing which sells thins is a marketing campaign for huge ammount of money othervise i wont believe that people will be that stupid to put their trust into apple car.
Like battery gate in phones this going to have same issues as far as we know apple.
But anyway good luck on selling china made cars litterary made as whole by chinese and bought as whole product by apple like with phones and for price that not many would and could afford. .

We're not seeing an Apple car this decade

  • Anonymous

Apple need either a long range or level 5 driving.

If cannot achieve level 5 driving. The next best thing is to bid on the new battery tech coming at 2025.

  • Wallstreet

Windows sold separately

  • Cyber369

That's how we want. I guess people will still buy if it delivers performance efficiently.

  • Anonymous

After all there is still notch but with display

  • Lg awesome

Who will buy apple car ? Nobody !!!

  • InovationMyArsh

Yeah sure, there not a Steve Jobs here or around to know how to do things right, since he passed away Apple are stuck on design and features wise...relying on copying from other brands when they wont have their own.

The hype is just that, the car will never happen for good. Write my words.

Apple is not the first electronics company, and it won't be the last, to think that vehicles are easy. They are not. Tesla has continually over-promised and under-delivered due to underestimating the difficulties. Will the Chinese get there first? Will they even bother? As with Android, they are most likely to have a huge market share because they aim at the good enough, not the early adopter. If reports that sodium batteries are likely to enter volume production in China next year are true, they will take over the volume market. When Ford brought out the Model T, there were plenty of existing car makers but their products were aimed at the rich. Almost all of them have disappeared or the name survives as the upmarket label for a volume maker. In the same way Volvo is now a brand of Geely.

  • Inva

If you use the car for business trips, Apple will take 30% of any money you earn from contracts or deals resulting from that business trip.