Tesla Model S beats 28 cars for winter range test crown

04 February 2023
See how the Western-made and Chinese-made EVs stack against each other in an extensive Norwegian winter test.

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  • NorGuest

Mr. Anonymous, 04 Mar 2023Lucid Air would beat the Tesla.Ot would... by number sold and sale price

  • Mike

A, 22 Feb 2023Why don't these tests include a few gasoline cars too? For better perspective.Not sure range would be negatively affected on a gas vehicle as the waste heat is used to heat the cabin, and the blower itself isnt going to cause much extra strain on the alternater, so unless there is actually snow on the road a gas vehicle wouldnt lose much range if any considering the colder air may actually boost engine efficiency?? Maybe not , but i wonder if part of the problem is that if the road is slick then the electric vehicles wont be able to regen brake as i assume it is disabled the secomd the wheel slips , more likely a fraction of a second, so it may be completely different results on a differemt day. Any thoughts?

Lucid Air would beat the Tesla.

actually my prius 2020 also losts 30% of range in winter and not even in worse winter conditions toyota must work on cold performance on electricity

  • A

Why don't these tests include a few gasoline cars too? For better perspective.

  • Anonymous

No Volvo or Polestar cars 😢