BMW launches hydrogen powered iX5 with 500 km range

27 February 2023
401 hp and 504 km WLTP range - these are the main numbers of the new hydrogen powered BMW iX5 that promises to be a viable alternative for battery-electric cars.

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  • Anonymous

Expensive for an electric car. California has one of the highest prices on gasoline and people are leaving California now. For instance my Mustang GT V8 consumes in the city 15mpg which is about 15L/100Km and 25mpg on freeway which is almost 9L/100Km and a full tank of 16 gallons, that is about 60 liters, costs me about 50 dollars in Virginia, at $3/gallon. Considering the convenience of filling up the tank fast in any place, I think it is affordable to fill my tank twice per week and enjoy the humming of the engine. I do not see many people driving electric cars because the electricity is expensive too.

I was just about to commend BMW efforts and read the tech is made by Toyota ... I love the solution made by Toyota, Hyundai is trying as well, and I really hoped BMW would try something a bit different to get more data for future testing.
BTW, that battery is not just for buffering/higher power output, but for regen as well (same as Mirai).