Apple gathers over 200 drivers to test its self-driving car technology

23 March 2023
Latest numbers from California DMV show that Apple employs 201 drivers and uses 67 vehicles for testing and development of autonomous driving technology.

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Sorry Apple but you do better if you cancell it and abbadon withdrawn from this project.
Reason is very simple.
Ypur VR glasses cost 3000.
This going to be costlier than a house for 10 families.

  • Grossman

So, there are 67 of those cars on public roads of California, yet not a single picture?

  • Anonymous

200 drivers? That's like making a huge deal over 200 atoms. Tired of this clickbait bullshit

  • Anonymous

First off it's unsafe to drive autonomous without a SOC that is capable of a mission level strategy also PID is better done with analogue computing not digital hopefully it's better then Google maps.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Mar 2023Comes without headlight to protect the environment from light pollution. Can be bought separat... morebrainwashed apple cult defender meh

I don't understand the obsession of self driving. does an EV really really have to be a self driving vehicle? why just launch with adaptive cruise control, collusion detection and lane tracking features today? self driving can be added via software or hardware later when it is ready.

  • Anonymous

Comes without headlight to protect the environment from light pollution. Can be bought separately tho

  • pumpkineater69

Charger sold separately

Anonymous, 23 Mar 2023apple car made by another company hahaWhat is so surprising about that? Older iPhones were pretty much made of majority of Samsung components.

  • Anonymous

apple car made by another company haha

  • anon

Testing?? Should it not say, 'to test'? How am I supposed to take these articles seriously when nobody proof reads them...