Tesla sells out steering wheel retrofit for Model S and Model X in days

24 March 2023
If you ever wondered how popular the yoke steering was among the Model S and Model X owners, the answer is, as they say, in the pudding - the retrofit service to replace the yoke has been sold out.

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yalim, 25 Mar 2023yoke is for race tracks, not for public roads.Lexus/Toyota already proven not to be the case.

yoke is for race tracks, not for public roads.

Musk of course knows nothing of the history of cars. The previous car with a near-square steering "wheel" was the Austin Allegro, one of the biggest flops in automotive history. I suspect the Cybertruck will go the same way.

TBH, it is kinda surprising sales were so good even with the horrible yoke implementation.
But I expect Teslas next move will be steer-by-wire solution as well, hopefully with less touch buttons and more stocks for blinkers and other essential functions.
I am quite curious to see the next implementation, as it automatically adds more legroom for driver / or makes more room for something else.