Dacia Spring Electric 2023 review

28 June 2023
The little Romanian hatchback proves itself as a capable city companion with its small sizing, great usability and basic technology.

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  • Anonymous

Actually going for more speed did hurt the car. It would have been bit quicker if it did 80km/h instead. Guess, Renault wanted to advertise the car as capable of european highway speeds.

  • Reader

Previously to Dacia Renault K-ZE.

The key isn't actually redundant. I believe that turning to the drive position engages the high voltage battery through the contactor. Thus it is easy to know if the HV electrics are isolated for servicing and maintenance.

Can't help it, but I like this car, it is cheap feeling, it is slow as sin (much slower than popular punching bag Prius), but as a Skoda CitigoEV / VW E-UP alternative it is really good.
A bit of a shame the price went up, but quality didn't.