BMW i7 xDrive60 review

02 October 2023
We test the biggest and most advanced 7-Series ever.

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  • ruhallahhusheyar

bray kest?

  • Dylan28

Whoa, BMW really took a risk with the new 7-Series! It's the definition of ugly, but the interior makes up for it in some ways. Wouldn't personally go for the big screen, but all else seems perfect!

  • Doppel

This a good review, more and more im starting to read about cars on gsmarena than mobiles and enjoy it more haha

  • Anonymous

Fine, now BMW should do an i3 sedan, maybe even an i1 (sedan)

  • no comment

BMW i7 M70 full specs with everything extra possible came in at £186,695

  • ik

is the onboard computer degradable , the sensors and do you get all the keys also the software keys?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Oct 2023this is ArenaEV not GSMArenait's posted on GSMA as well. Check before talking back child.

  • sayabosanhidup

how much
will this be


i might buy this one fine day if they slightly modify d
rear lights and perhaps a little too for the front ones


  • Anonymous

That's great if Acura can bring back Legend as Japanese alternative for this

  • aled

Anonymous, 02 Oct 2023Metric please!!!You can switch to metric. There are settings at the top and below the article.

  • Anonymous

Metric please!!!

  • Rakesh

Probably the ugliest car ive seen in a while

For the low low price of 3 years of working at a median salary in the US. What a bargain!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Oct 2023Please don't post this crap on gsmarenathis is ArenaEV not GSMArena

Looks gruesome to me but i dont like the front nd how it looks.

Anonymous, 02 Oct 2023Please don't post this crap on gsmarenaSo you cant afford it so its crap aye???

Overall the car must be wonderful, but judging only by the external design, more specifically the front, it was HORRIBLE.
The previous generation was practically perfect in this regard.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Oct 2023Fugly as hell, gotta give em that...i will not get even if bmw give me free this crap car

  • Anonymous

ugly and cheap made bmw is garbage brand

  • Hmm

Jesse E, 02 Oct 2023But will you move out of the left lane if you see this ugly face in the rearview mirror? I thi... moreMove for that. No way they can sit be-hide me i don't want to look at that junk! lol