Jeep Avenger review

20 October 2023
Is the Jeep Avenger really the "Car of the Year"?

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  • Ellis1

Man, this Jeep Avenger is getting all these fancy awards, but are they legit or just some PR stunt? It looks cute, but I think that is about it...

  • beau

Sacrilegious is the perfect word to describe a tiny, front-wheel drive Jeep. As a hardcore Jeep enthusiast, I'll stick to the good old-fashioned petrol-powered models that have been conquering off-road terrain for decades.


It's oh so cute, but isn't FWD and electric torque a recipe for understeer?


It's blasphemy calling this a Jeep. This must be what Mustang fans felt like, when the disaster that is Mach-e came to be.