Chevrolet Equinox EV starts at $35K and promises 319 miles range

31 October 2023
Chevrolet's Equinox EV dazzles with a 319-mile range and a tempting post-tax credit price, setting the stage for an intriguing 2024 launch.

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If they can actually keep this at 35k, while having as much range as the bolt, this will be a winner. The bolt is 32.5k, and I don't think most would pay more than a couple grand for a larger car. If this gets too expensive, suddenly the Tesla Model 3 is cheaper and people will switch to that as its faster and will probably have more range than this.

  • Anonymous

Nice try, but too expensive.

Keep your cars under 30k. We remember the world before covid and the lower costs. The era of "anybody can afford inflated prices is over".