Huawei and JAC to jointly create luxury smart EVs

03 December 2023
JAC and Huawei team up to redefine luxury electric vehicles, with a focus on smart, internet-connected EVs that cater to evolving consumer needs and expectations.

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NIO is bankrupt and this is next

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The thing is i like EV but i watched so many movies about AI take over users car, home and things like that, i stay away from buying the car at least.
I don't want my car to drive me to the tree, without my consent automatically by AI or so.

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They're Totally Shameless

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Anonymous, 03 Dec 2023Is it just me or are these obvious panamera and cayenne ripoffs?The first picture is a Porsche with a Huawei logo.

Luxura cars or brands does not exist.
Handmade cars are scarce and not in major companies.
Most major companies just massproduct everything.
To output several 1000 vehicles they need a day or up to a week not more.
Even brands like BMW, Ferrari, Buggatti, Rolls Royce, Porsche, Lamborghini, Zeekr etc arent luxury just premium.
But there are few exceptions. Rolls Royce Boat Tail is most expensive car ever made more than one unit or piece. Been made 3 pieces for 28 millions. Still just expensive and premium but not luxury because its not solo the only one ever made.
Another thing is La Voiture Noire by Buggatti. Been made just one piece in other words its a luxury car unlike any other.

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Is it just me or are these obvious panamera and cayenne ripoffs?