BMW i5 M60 review

11 January 2024
BMW has electrified the 5-Series and we test if the result is worthy of carrying such a symbolic name.

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  • Ravikumar

this car looks, Premium version of Toyota Camry made by BMW, than BMW's 5 Series vehicle.

  • Carwyn23

Whooo, those new Skoda models definitely look improved!

Max, 12 Jan 2024Which SW version does the car have? Thanks.The i5 comes standard with the iDrive 8.5 and is the first BMW model to roll off the line with it.

The ageing Model S has better packaging (rear hatch and frunk) and better acceleration for about the same price.

  • Anonymous

It's a lot better than what I expected. The range is not bad considering the battery size and the temperature and it seems to be really silent inside. If only they had less powerful dual-motor version...

  • Max

Which SW version does the car have?