$25,000 Tesla Model 2 isn't being worked on anymore, new report claims

15 April 2024
Elon Musk may have been misleading.

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"Perhaps Elon Musk thinks Tesla can be the company that finally nails the robotaxi concept and there's more money to be made there than in a cheaper EV"

this is such a ridiculous assumption. there are 75.000 taxis vs 13 million cars in my country. regular car market is way bigger than taxi market. besides, nobody stops Tesla from selling a regular $25K car and then start robotaxi experiments after a few years. self driving option will not be an requirement in a $25K car for sure due to extra cost.

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I don't understand this obsession with robo taxis. Autonomous driving was pushed heavily by Tesla 5 years ago at this point and it's not much better today. I even recall news outlets reporting about the inevitable loss of trucking jobs in the next decade. At this point, trucking is probably safe for two or three decades.

Autonomous driving works decently on pre-mapped roads and a full suite of sensing technology but still struggles when lane markings aren't well defined, construction zones are present, or other oddities are configured in the road. I like the idea only for highway driving, but mixing this with pedestrian traffic is terrifying.